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The luxury, comfort and complete facility which you'll find in our apartments are of a high level. Still we are able to rent out our apartments for a competitive price. Because there are always personal preferences and different options we recommend you contact us for specific information.

Renting 1 apartment

1 apartment is suitable for up to a maximum of 4 persons.

The price per night per apartment is € 50, -.
The minimum booking is 3 nights.

Renting 1 appartment for example from saturday to saturday (7 nights) will have a total cost of € 350,-.

This includes the normal use of water and electricity.

Click here for the cancellation policy and rental conditions

Renting 2 apartments

If your party consists of more than 4 people we recommend you to use the opportunity to rent two interlinked apartments.
These apartments are both accessible to one another without going outside and create one large apartment with enough privacy for everyone.
If this option is chosen we are able to offer a discount of € 100,-. This means the renting of two interlinked apartments for 7 nights and up to a maximum of 8 persons will cost € 600,-.
This is also calculated on the normal use of water and electricity.

Different options

If you're not in the opportunity to bring your own bed linen, towels and kitchen linen, we can offer this as an extra service for an amount of € 7,50 per person.


In each apartment there is Dutch television available. If you wish to make use of a television, we can offer this for € 10,- per week.


Pets are very welcome. For bringing your pet(s) we calculate no costs. We expect you will anounce in advance you will bring your pet(s). Of course you will allways remain responsible and accountable for your pet(s).

Internet /Wifi

Also the use of internet through a wi-fi connection we want to offer as a free service.

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