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The berglagens area and nature reserve Malingsbo Kloten

Although there is no clear demarcation of the Berglagens area, the area covers roughly the north and west of Västmanland, north of Örebro, southeastern Värmland and southern Dalarna.
In this vast area nature reserve Malingsbo Kloten is to be found.

With its 50,000 acres Malingsbo Kloten is Swedens largest nature reserve. This area is located roughly between the national highways 50, 60 and 66 and belongs to several municipalities, including Lindesberg, Ljusnarsberg, Ludvika, Smedjebacken, Fagersta and Skinnskatteberg.
Hörken, the village where TM Gården is located belongs to the municipality Ljusnarsberg.
This means TM Gården is located in nature reserve Malingsbo Kloten.

The combination of nature and culture in nature reserve Malingsbo Kloten is unique. Whether you wish for example to go biking, hiking or canoeing in this beautiful area, it will leave an unforgettable impression.

Because this area has a controversial mining past it is unavoidable to visit one or more of it's old empty mines.

During recreation in the area chances are high you to have an encounter with a beaver, moose or deer. If you'll decided to explore the area on foot during your vacation you will also be amazed by the beauty of the Swedish expansive nature.
There are several hiking trails marked, but you can also find your own path.

The environment can also be explored by bike. There are several routes. In addition, mountain biking in a Swedish forests is an amazing experience.
You can start your mountain-biking or hiking trip immediately from TM Gården, which is directly situated on extensive forests.

Of course you can enjoy delightful cycling and hiking to the neighboring villages directly from TM Gården.

Discover in a unique way, one or more of the 500 lakes in nature reserve Malingsbo Kloten by the use of a canoe.
There are multi-day tours with sleepovers in the forest available. Canoe trips with a guide are also possible.

Are you ready for a refreshing dip, then there are a lot of lakes to be found in this area with official public baths, which are very child friendly, have dressing cabins and barbeque spots.
There are plenty of picnic tables and fire places to enjoy a cozy barbeque or picnic with each other.

It goes without saying that it's always possible to find a private spot for swimming and recreation in Sweden.

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