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It is possible to reach TM Gården in a lot of different ways, of course depending on time and apetite for travel. Of course TM Gården is to be reach by car. You can also choose to make one or more of the many crossings by ferry.
Flying is the quickest way to bridge the distance. If you really have the time and love to travel by public transport, you can arrive with public transport right in front of TM Gården.

On this page you will also find a random list of practical information that you might use during your stay at TM Gården.

Information on bridges and toll bridges

It depends from which direction you'll come.
If you're coming from southern Denmark by car you will have to cross several bridges to enter Sweden.
There is the Lillibaelt bridge, the Storebaelt bridge (Toll). and the Öresund bridge (Toll).
The Öresund bridge is the connection between Copenhagen(Denmark) and Malmö(Sweden). From Malmö it is another 620 Km towards Hörken.
This is a pretty long drive, therefore we advice to first have a good rest before you undertake the last part of the trip.

Click here for a suggestion to rest in a good and cheap accomodation.
Click here for the latest trafic information in Denmark

By car and ferries

The shortest route by ferry from England is towards Denmark.
Once you have entered Denmark, drive towards Copenhagen and cross the Öresund bridge (Toll) to reach Malmö in Sweden. You can also choose to drive to Helsingor in Denmark and cross over to Helsingborg in Sweden.
You can book the cross-over(s) by ferry in advance online at Stena-line.
Of course there are more ways to reach Sweden and TM Gården in Hörken, therefore these are just some examples.

By public transport

TM Gården is to be reached fully by public transport. There is a bus that stops directly in front of TM Gården. According to your boundless enthusiasm and taking time for a your journey, you can choose to take the entire or partially journey by train or bus.
By bus you can travel to a large city in Sweden with Eurolines. From your city of choice in Sweden you can plan your bus trip with Resrobot to Hörken and end your trip right in front of the entrance of TM Gården.
You can travel by train to Copenhagen in Denmark or to Stockholm in Sweden. From Copenhagen or Stockholm you can continue your journey by train with the Swedish railway company SJ to Grängesberg 9 Km away from TM Gården. From this station you can take bus 361 towards Kopparberg which will stop in front of the entrance of TM Gården.
Also your bus tickets can be booked in advance online at Resrobot.

By Plane

Traveling by plane to Sweden can be the cheapest, but is definitly the fastest way to reach Sweden. There are several international flying companies which offer cheap tickets. The prices of these tickets fluctuate a lot. It is certainly worth the effort to google and surf the internet well in advance on cheap tickets.
Some companies that offer cheap tickets are : Ryanair, KLM, Norwegian Airline, Easy Jet, etc..
To get to TM Gården the closest destination is Västerås airport, followed by Arlanda airport and Skavsta airport.
Once you have reached one of these airports you can continue your trip by hiring a car or by public transport.


Pratical information

Pharmacy: 9 km away from TM Gården in the village of Grängesberg is the nearest pharmacy.

Bank: In Grängesberg at 9 km distance from TM Gården there is a bank for all your banking.

Shopping: In Grängesberg at 9 km distance from TM Gården are 2 supermarkets to find where you can get all your groceries.

Bus: Line 361 stops in front of TM Gården.(click here for any bus timetables)..

Hörken: (click here for information about Hörken on Wikipedia)

Car fuel: In Grängesberg 9 km away from TM Gården is the nearest gas station.

Train: In Grängesberg 9 km away from TM Gården is a train station. From here you can travel to other cities.

Tourist office: In the immediate vicinity of TM Gården are 2 tourists offices to find. 1 in Ludvika en 1 in Kopparberg.

Hospital: It is of course never to hope to have to go to a hospital during your well deserved holiday. In case of this unlucky event you can go to the hospital in Ludvika on a distance 26 km of TM Gården.

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