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On this page we suggest a number of activities you can undertake during your holiday at TM Gården.
Pictures of these activities can be viewed on the picture webpage by clicking on the above pictures link.


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Ekomuseum: Click here to view the website of the Ekomuseum, which is located in the Bergslagens area. Here you can find a lot of outdoor activities for the true adventurer.

Cycling: You can bring your own bike but it's also very easy to rent a bike for a nice trip for example from village to village. You need to take into account the lack of genuine bicycle lanes as you are accustomed to in England.

Golf: Sweden is one of the most exellent countries to play golf. There is a beautiful 18 hole golf course 29 Km away from TM Gården in Ludvika and a smaller 9 hole golf course 23 Km away in Kopparberg.
Click here for a total overview of the golf courses in Sweden.

Goldrush: Click here for information for an adventure in a search for gold!! Go try your luck !! Look for gold in the old-fashioned way. Just 25 Km away from TM Gården.

Camping: In the forests of Sweden you can still experience the real camping. By the unique Swedish law, "right of way" is the allowed to virtually come anywhere. However, it is expected you leave your camping place in the way you found it.

Canoeing: Probably superfluous to mention, but because of the very large number of lakes in the surroundings of TM Gården it is a great experience to explore the country side of Sweden paddling in a canoe.

Karting: For those how love speed and competition, there is a very attractive and professional go-kart track in Grängesberg 8 Km away from TM Gården.

Mines: The bergslagen area is known for its mining and in particular the copper mines. A visit to one of these mines is therefore a "must" during your discoveries in the bergslagen area.
At the smal village of Lernbo just past Smedjebacken, 30 Km away from TM Gården there is a very interesting, not too large mine called Flogberget, which is well worth to pay a visit to.
The world-famous copper mine in Falun is highly recommended to explore. The mine is located 85 Km away from TM Gården.
Vists to these mines will be under the guidance of an experienced guide.

Paintball: Who is the best shooter or strategist. Find out during a exiting game of paintball 8 Km away from TM Gården.

Motorcycle and Nostalgic museum: For those who love old motorcyles, cars and engines there is a very nice museumlocated in Grängesberg 8 Km away from TM Gården.

Horseback riding: On the back of a horse, quietly enjoying the beautiful nature, in a group or alone. is a unique way to discover the surroundings of TM Gården.

Train museum: Explore the very nice train museum, with real nostalgic locomotives. Located in Grängesberg, 8 Km away from TM Gården.

Fishing: It goes without saying that in this area with his many lakes, fishing is very popular. It is simply making a choice in which lake you want to fish and you can enjoy your hobby and the wonderful silence.

Hiking: Hiking: Start your hike in free nature directly from TM Gården. You can also choose to take one of the beautiful hiking trails which brings you along the interesting sights and allows you to enjoy the beautiful Swedish nature.
Click here for hiking trails throughout the province of Örebro.

Swimming: Swimming in the Norra Hörken lake, which is only a 10 minutes walk away from TM Gården ensures you of delicious cooling and fun. There is even a beach landscaped and barbeque spots are present. If the weather conditions don't allow you to swim outside, there is allways the possibility to go swimming indoors in Ludvika, 20 Km away from TM Gården.

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